Portal Interactive: Pictures of Punjab storm!

  •  These pictures have been shared by Adeel Hashmi from Lahore, Pakistan
Approaching clouds

On 10th of August I went to Islamabad from Lahore via Motorway at around 5am and when I crossed Sheikhupura (after 6am) I saw an ominous strom system approaching from north. I took few pictures of it while driving from my cell phone. I am sending two of those to you as it might be of some interest to you.

Massive clouds clearly visible on the clear sky
It started raining after that and I drove 2 hours in heavy and moderate rain and witnessed one of the major rain spell that started from Islamabd at Sehri time and reached Lahore between 8 and  9am.

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One reply to “Portal Interactive: Pictures of Punjab storm!

  1. Man.. This summer when we reached Lahore, we saw these dark clouds making their way in.. I thought that a storm is up, but only cold winds blew and the sky changed from black to overcast white.. and it just drizzled..and funny thing was that at the same time my father’s friend was coming from Jahourabad to Lahore, and he told us that it rained like crazy the whole way, and the rain stopped when we got close to Lahore.. our main target was to go to Jahourabad, but we decieded to visit Lahore for a day.. or else I wouldn’t have missed the strong rainstorm -_-…but anyways.. when got to Jahourabad it rained more.. (this was in July).. no rain for Karachi.. now in KSA.. sucks..

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