When Hailstorm painted Islamabad White!

‘Same fate of Lahore and Rawalpindi’ On March 14, the federal capital Islamabad was whitened from its colourful atmosphere that came as a surprise as a thunderstorm yielded intense hailstorm, the storm impacted major cities of northern Punjab. A Western Winds was responsible for the unusual turn in the event.

Pakistan Weather Update (March 10 – March 17)

WD 23 – Rain in all provinces? Spring and Winter Combination! WD 24- Another rainy system also spotty The spring season has started in the country with flowers blossoming everywhere. The winter officially ended in the southern parts of the country during the last week of February as per the forecast of Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) issued on January…

After 10 years – Another February Storm lands in Pakistan!

‘Winter Storm creates havoc’ Rainstorms, Windstorms, Hailstorms, Thunderstorm, Blizzards, Avalanches – These are the things that Pakistan has witnessed in the last three days, astonishingly whole country has been affected by the PWP’s most talked severe winter storm (western disturbance ’18’) in the last few days. This deadly storm has brought countrywide precipitation and a coldwave, as…

Pakistan Weather Update & Monsoon Alert (September 3 – September 17)

What did not pour – would pour now! Heavy rainfall across the country? Monsoon to gain peak before ending! The country has entered the month of September which is usually remembered as the month in which the monsoon starts to withdraw from the sub-continent. Heavy rainfall in September is quite uncommon in the western sub-continent…

Portal Interactive: Lahore in February 2011

 These pictures have been shared by PWP Reader Adeel Hashmi from Lahore, Pakistan I read the article about a hailstorm that occured in Lahore some time back. I found these pictures in my record and thought I should share these with you. This will be a good collection for your archive.