PWP Question Session: You Ask, We Tell!

Wondering anything?

Wondering anything?

Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) would be taking question from its readers on January 29 from 3:00 pm PKT till 4:00 pm PKT. You can ask any question that is in your mind but it should not be abusive or racist, PWP would encourage the readers that the questions should be related to weather and topics related to it!

Though the readers are always welcomed to ask anything but they are given a reply a little later, this time during the session you will get the answer at the same time. PWP will answer every question during that time frame, so be there at 3:00 pm.

STARTED AT 3:00 pm

Only half an hour remaining now!


30 thoughts on “PWP Question Session: You Ask, We Tell!

  1. aoa. i am dr m ayaz from SAUDI ARABIA. I want to know about lowest temperatures ever recorded in folowing cities of pakistan…karachi, quetta, kallat, ziarat, peshawar, abbotabad, mansehra, chitral, gilgit, sakardu, siachin, kargil and drass(occupied kashmir) muzaffarabad, rawalakot, lahore, faisalabad, rawalpindi, islamabad, murree, gujranwala, sialkot, gujrat, multan, bahawalpur, sahiwal, …..pls also tell me lowest temp.ever recorded in KSA ( KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA ) and where. pls do reply.. this is my second mail with the same question. NO REPLY OF FIRST MAIL…PLS REPLY..ONLY YOU CAN TELL ME THIS…WAITING POSITIVELY….WILL ALSO ASK TOMORROW IN QUESTION TIME.

    • Walikum assalam, Karachi lowest was 0C in 1934, Quetta lowest was -18C in 1970, Peshawar lowest is -5C (not confirmed), Islamabad lowest is -3.9 in 1967, Lahore lowest is -1C ()unconfirmed, Multan lowest is 4.5C, Hyderabad’s lowest is 3C in 1970s, do not have other cities data. PWP does not have the weather records for Saudi Arabia.

    • aoa. sir i want to know that accrding to ur forecast how r u watching monsoon 2013 in pakistan. bcz in july 2012 monsoon got totally collapse. i have studied elnino and lanina efects which r responsible for weather changings. lanina creat above normal rainfall in our sub continent. so 2013 monsoon will be either lanina or elnino????

      • Monsoon 2013 is still very very far away, last year the forecast of monsoon was changed by the global models in a month which is very fast. However so far neutral conditions are seen.

  2. What do you think was behind the severe cold wave that struck parts of punjab including lahore for 10 days in late december till january?
    And also any chances of snow in murree this weekend or next weekend?

    • There was a long dry gap in December as a high pressure (atmospheric system) developed near China that was responsible for attracting sever coldwaves. Murre may get some snowfall during the first week of February.

    • There is a strong possibility of rain in Lahore during the first week with thunder/lightning. The rain to remain around 50 to 60 mm during the first week of February.

  3. aoa…its dr m ayaz…thanks babar bhai…for ur info for lowest temps…actually i am seeing temps daily from pakistan met deptt…this time lowest temp in faisalabad was -1.5…in toba tek singh -2.0…like that..multan 0…pls tell melowest in murree….and lowest in pakistan ever including kashmir ( both azad and occupied ) and siachin s lowest temp. actually i think we are living in a country of -60 to +54… am i right

    • PWP only have the data of major cities of Pakistan, I dont think the temperature has ever reached -60, the lowest temperature recorded was -30 in Kalat. However it does reach 50+ in summer in Sindh and adjoining Balochistan and south Punjab.

  4. lowest -55 in siachin (bella fondla) has been on record. and +53.4 in sindh.may be in mo enjo daro …..and even below -55 during strong winds…i have worked in pak army. and know some details of siachin

  5. Sir i have a request that write a detailed article on monsoon 2003 because that was my memorable monsoon and i will be greatly joyed if you will tell us about monsoon 2003,,

    • Well I cant promise anything right now, I have been very busy since few months thats why I dont have time to make Pak Weather Update and other articles, if I have time then I will make it 🙂

  6. how many mm of rain is expected in karachi…? and does damaging wind also blow or not here in karachi……? and at what time…?

  7. Assalaamualaikum

    Babar !

    Your Articles Reader


    Please , main kafi salon se aisa Link dhondne ki koshish kar raha hon lekin nahi mila jahan pe aise map hon jo Frontal Movements aur Dry Lines aur Isotherms aur Trough Moveements … ets dekh sakon pakistan ke hawaale se ya khas Karachi pe , jaise TV mein BBC / CNN / FOX waghera channels dikhate hain , aur , Jet Streams bhi dikhai de saken , as for latest information , jaise hum Latest Satellite Imagery dekh sakte hain

    Please agar aap koi acha link ya links mujhe bata den to buht mehrbani hogi , waise mujhe to Meteorology nahi aati lekin pichle 11 saal se yehi kia hai aajtak , Meteorology parhi hai apne tor se khud hi parha hai khud hi samjha hai khud hi jo ho saka ban saka woh Study kia hai .

    Aasman dekh ke ya cloud types ko pehchan ke kuch andaza laga leta hon .

    Please help me for the link and please help me to learn Meteorology and understaning of Weather .

    Since 11 years , i am just crazy about it 🙂

    kafi lamba comment ho gaya hai , sorry , aap comment approve na karen bas parhke Link ho sake to zaror Btaen , please

    Thank you so much for PWP



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