The infamous blood rain – Sky bleeds as red rain falls!

‘Something new came from the sky!’

All is Red - The people were scared!
All is Red – The people were scared!

You are standing outside in rain, enjoying the cool breeze and the smell of the rain, suddenly you notice that your clothes are turning RED. The pond of rainwater is turning red, the wall of houses are red and when you look up at the sky red rain is falling on you, thick as a blood! Really red rain? Only saw it in haunted, science fiction or fantasy movies? Well they exist in real!

The Haunted Red Rain

The first well-documented reports of red rain came from the southern state of India, Kerala in the year 2001 though some reference of such incident have been recovered from the year 1818. After 2001, there had been reports of red rain in Kerala in 2011 and 2012. The unusually phenomenon also occurred in Sri Lanka in 2012 as well.

Hindu Mythology and Red rain

Particles from the red rain
Particles from the red rain

As per the Hindu culture, the red rain signals the wave of destruction and woes, the God punishes those who have sinned. The killing of innocent also leads to red rain, following are further details about incident;

India shocked to see blood falling from Sky!

On July 25, 2001 –  The districts of Kottayam and Idukki witnessed a massive lightning followed by intense (locals say explosion) thunder. The unusually weather occurred for 20 minutes and over a small area, other places witnessed ‘normal’ rain. The people who witnessed this unusual event said that they observed rain of number of colours which included green, yellow and even black. The red rain was reported in the state till September with brief intervals. The unusually phenomenon gained  widespread attention in India after five years .

Winds of blood in Sri Lana?

Though after 2001, Kerala continued to witness this unusual phenomenon in the years to come but in 2012 Sri Lanka became the second country in the sub-continent to report this unusual occurrence. From November 15 till December 27, 2012 heavy rain fell over the northern and eastern parts of the country. This even gained international media attention at once!

Theories – What led the blood rain?

Red rain lashing Kerala in 2001 - Courtesy BBC
Red rain lashing Kerala in 2001 – Courtesy BBC

It is worth-mentioning that the red rain only occurred in the specific area of sub-continent that consists of Indian Kerala and Sri Lanka, we shall call is the ‘Red Region’. Following are the years in which red rain occurred in Kerala;

  • 1818, 1846, 1872, 1880, 1896, 1950, 2001, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2012

There are may theories about this rain but we shall only mention the famous ones;

Meteor Explosion over India
First it was thought that the colour came from the burst of a meteor that mingled in with rain clouds.

Water-based Tornado splashes animals
A waterspout traveling over the sea might have brought the red rain, red representing the blood of fishes or bird.

Factories and Acid rain
Chemicals released by the factories which makes acid rain.

Government and airborne spores
Government of India believed that the winds carrying pollen grains or airborne spores from the local algae might be responsible, that was their final verdict.

Aliens invading India
A research at Gandhi University in India gained international press coverage when the scientists there said that they have believe that the red rain contains cells which are extraterrestrial as they have the potential to grow at the temperature of 300°C yet they have no DNA nor RNA.

What to believe and what not to?

According to historical record, red rain has been reported in the United Kingdom but Britishers mostly believe in dust particles or water spout for the unusual event. What causes the Kerala’s blood rain is still unknown as everyone in India has their own version, so what do you believe in?


53 replies to “The infamous blood rain – Sky bleeds as red rain falls!

  1. At first, the forecast was moderate rainfall for NE Punjab and heavy for Sindh.
    Now it’s very heavy for NE Punjab and moderate for Sindh.

    1. Few days back, a monsoon low was supposed to enter Sindh thats why Sindh was expected at that time to get heavy rains in the coming days..

  2. very hot and humid although it iz morning now. . .feels as if pre monsoon system iz entering in Rwp isb. . .baber bhai how much rain iz expected during this system in rwp/isb?

  3. Hey Baber

    Can you remove this RED RAIN thing from the face of your website.

    It seems very irrelevant at this time when lots of things are happening around (Monsoon)

    Yes if the there will be no rain for this season in Karachi then we will discuss this kind of topics.


    1. Hi Ahsan,
      Since 2011, PWP makes articles on weather myths, weather stories, rare weather, Pak Weather etc and etc, there is no time frame except for the monsoon articles.
      PWP is not just a weather forecasting site!

  4. Thundercloud entering Karachi, “It is weakening now”
    Low pressure entering Karachi, “It is weakening now”

    Always bad news for Karachi, ALWAYS !!!

  5. There will be no pre-monsoon neither monsoon rains in Karachi.
    This year’s monsoon will be the monsoon of 2008.

    1. Lol..let the expected day come that is June 13/June 14, if something doesnt happen on those days then get disappointed.
      On June 11 there was no chance of rain in Karachi. Cheers!!

  6. Has the thunder cloud over Karachi dissipated.Lightning only towards southeast.Can we still have widespread rain in Karachi tonight?T-storm was developing at 7 pm.However 4 hours have passed.Is is still likely to rain?

    1. It is moving into the sea now, so chances of drizzle/showers in southern areas of Karachi at the moment. Rain/showers did occur today in some areas of the city today. No thundercloud forming over land that can move towards the city till now.

  7. Till when will the current weather system over Sindh impact Karachi?Please also tell about the second spell of monsoon in Karachi?are there more t-storms likely today?

    1. From tonight it start to weaken. At the moment there is a thunderstorm over central Sindh that can affect Karachi. I have mentioned the second spell in ‘Monsoon of Pak’ page and the Pakistan Weather Update article..

  8. Most of the sites were predicting rain for Karachi for today but unfortunately it was not widespread.It means the system will start dissipating from tonight?

  9. Thank you very much.I think this summarizes the pre-monsoon for Karachi.Patchy showers in the city.Many extended forecasts not showing further rains in city for next 15 days 😦
    Please tell me they all are wrong and next system will bring rain?

    1. The next system is also a part of pre-monsoon there are chances that it might behave in a similar way. Few days back GFS model showed it to drop very heavy rains in Karachi though as expected it changed now.

  10. There has been huge sand and dust storms over Egypt Western Sahara Desert that crossed the mediterranean sea and moved to Europe. They caused red rain over there in Greece and the Balkans few weeks ago.

    Also sometimes in thunderstorms they cause sand storms and light rain that usually falls brown and muddy!!

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