Harvest Moon: The Rise of the Orange Moon!

The Arrival of the Orange Moon!

The harvesting season has begun!

If you are a space enthusiast then you are in for a special treat as on September 20 evening, people in Asia will witness a special face of Moon known as the ‘Harvest Moon’. The harvest moon was also visible on September 19 in the continent while the western continents saw it early on September 18.

Harvest Moon: Length of Day and Night are same!

Orange Moon over the skies of Karachi
Orange Moon over the skies of Karachi

The Harvest Moon or the Corn Moon appears during the fall in the northern Hemisphere in the ‘autumnal equinox’. What is equinox? This phenomenon causes the length of day and night to be equal all over Earth during the fall and the spring season.

The thing special about the Harvest Moon is that appears orange. According to US’s NASA the reason for the orange moon is due to the ‘greater thickness of atmosphere in the direction of a horizon, due to which a blue light is dispersed and hence one tends to see a brighter, orange moon.’

Visible in Pakistan?

Since the monsoon season has ended, the moon is visible across the country. The picture displayed by PWP was taken during the evening at that time the moon was clearly orange. So what are you waiting for? Get out! and look at the Harvest Moon!


7 replies to “Harvest Moon: The Rise of the Orange Moon!

  1. sir nice to see orange moon..india kay central and east mae kafi clouds hain.is any chance of rain in upper parts of country??

  2. Babar bhai where are you for many days , safar pe hain shehr se bahr hain ya kher hai tabiyat to thek hai na , kher khush rahen kher se rahen jab waqt mile to updates den plz

    … from Karachi

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