Active Monsoon in June - Some thunderstorms could pop up over Pak

Pakistan Weather Update & Monsoon Alert (May 25 – May 31)

Extreme heatwave, west for the rescue! Rain in the North after long time! Karachi’s cloud returns On May 8, PWP predicted that a strong heatwave would affect Sindh from the coming week of May. On May 15, it gripped the entire country and gradually intensified on May 16/May 17. This heatwave will continue till the end of…

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Karachi witnessed freak rain in July

Pakistan bakes in Oven: Bricks for Monsoon 2013 placed!

“This is the third article related to the monsoon season of 2013 and it will be followed by many more articles” The sub-continent is experiencing its first major heatwave of the season that is crucial for building up a normal monsoon season. It is worth noting that this year the western sub-continent was a under the…

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Cyclone Mahasen and Jamala

Cyclone Mahasen threatens Bangladesh, Myanmar and India – Special Coverage!

“This is a special tropical coverage that started from May 13 and will end on May 16”      The 2013 North Indian ocean cyclone season started off with the formation of a depression BOB 01 in the Bay of Bengal on May 10 that later intensified into the season’s first full blown cyclone. On…

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Most activity in the North; Tropical activity seen in Bay!

Pakistan Weather Update & Monsoon Alert (May 8 – May 22)

Westerlies are coming back! Heat wave coming! Karachi to remain calm! It was feared that due to frequent invasion of westerlies, Pakistan may be abandoned of the important heating trend but we saw that as soon as May started temperature started to rise. It is worth-mentioning the ‘true’ heat waves of summer are missing at the…

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First monsoon shower in Karachi through the eyes of Ant.

Pakistan’s Monsoon: Do we really need a Monsoon season?

“This is the second article related to the monsoon season of 2013 and it will be followed by many more articles” The country especially the southern parts have seen one of the most unusual winter of all time. It would not be wrong to say that it was the most wettest winter for the southern…

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Dry clouds gather over Mumbai's skyline

Another Monsoon brewing for the same Sub-continent!

“This is the first article related to the monsoon season of 2013 and it will be followed by many more articles” ‘Introduction to the Monsoon season’ Another monsoon season is coming to Pakistan this year as always, the giant winds are slowly taking shape to once again cover India and then move straight towards Pakistan. The…

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Cyclone 2A going through rapid intensification after landfall over Pakistan

A Cyclone is coming to Pakistan this year!

Beware of the Gushing Waters, Pakistan! Pakistan should gear up and take necessary precautions ! because if the history is to be trusted then south Pakistan should expect a cyclone (hurricane) to affect its coastal areas during the upcoming summer. An astonishing pattern is seen in the Arabian sea as cyclones are following a ‘schedule’ to affect…

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