2012 – Spectacular weather events in Pakistan!

Pakistani  Weather of Year 2012

Pakistani Weather of Year 2012

Once again we are in that time of the year when we have to say goodbye to our old memories and move into a new era hoping that the new year brings happiness and joy to our life. In the year 2012, Pakistan had to go through a lot due to its political and economic instability, unlike in 2011, the weather condition in Pakistan this year were more stable and less destructive. Judging by the weather events, I must say that nature once again break records in 2012 as it did in 2010 and 2011 but on a small-scale .

January –  Islamabad wear white clothes!

The famous Margalla Hill Snow

The famous Margalla Hill Snow

The magical snowfall occurred after six years, its duration was longer than previous recorded snowfall. Islamabadis were seen making snowman that they only used to make in Murree or saw it on television in foreign countries. People enjoyed hot tea and other eatable items that are famous in winter month. Shivering and shaking but enjoying and with enthusiasm, almost everybody was playing with the snow even throwing it at the passers-by.

February – Karachi froze as 30 year old-record break!

Karachi from the eye of a bird!

Karachi from the eye of a bird!

The lowest temperature that was observed during the night of February 7 was only 6°C, making Tuesday a very chilly day in Karachi since 1982. Sindh, one of the hottest places in the world, too experienced the chilly Russian winds as people were amazed to see the strength of the recent cold wave in the province. The extreme cold wave was forecasted by PWP and it came during the time of extreme winter season in Europe;

Heat wave in South Pakistan in winter?

And just when we thought the extreme cold temperatures have amazed the people of south Pakistan, ten days after, an unusual summer temperatures were recorded in the south while the country was still under its winter period.

March – Dust storms surrounds Sindh!

Dust storms in Karachi

Dust storms in Karachi

Late on March 19, dust storm (mild) has engulfed many cities of Sindh including Karachi and Sukkur. The storm has originated from the desert regions of Balochistan, fresh western disturbance ’27′ is also passing over the northern areas of the country due to which change in wind pattern has occurred in the province. It was one the many dust storms that hit the province including Karachi during 2012.

April – Countrywide rainfall in Spring with stormy sea

Rainfall in Oman on April 18, 2012

Rainfall in Oman on April 18, 2012

A western system created stormy sea conditions near Makran coast and caused the first rainfall in Karachi since 1997. The weather system was responsible for country-wide rainfall, highly unusual in the month of April. It was also responsible for;

May – Karachi: Breaking the Temperature again

Sun to shine furiously over Islamabad?

Sun to shine furiously over Islamabad?

From April 29 till May 4, many high temperatures were recorded in Karachi, some of them broke records in the city. Karachi like the southern as well as the central parts of the country was under a severe heat wave. The temperatures had rose rapidly in these parts following a late winter rainy wave that brought down the temperatures early this month.

June – Extreme dust storm in Peshawar

Peshawar-rain-aug2012 (3)

Clouds hovering over Peshawar

With 10 deaths and 60 people injured, northern and central Pakistan saw the other side of the Kali Andhi (Dark dust storm) that brought death and destruction to many cities of the country. The storm that started in Peshawar slowly slowly gripped almost every major city of the country. The blinding dust storms was due to the western disturbance 09 which was over extreme northern areas.

The winds had reached 90 km/h in Peshawar city.

July – Monsoon Cloudburst in Sialkot

Streets flooded due to mid-night rain

Streets flooded due to mid-night rain

The city of Sialkot experienced the heaviest rainfall of the current year, it was also the highest rainfall across the country since the beginning of the monsoon season. The rain came in a time when whole country is going through the emerging conditions of drought. The rain was a sign of hope in the northern parts.

September –  100 year old record broken in Jacobabad!

Streets flooded in Shikarpur on September 10 morning

Streets flooded after extreme rainfall

It was a delay monsoon but when it poured it broke all the records it created in the past, from the night of September 9 till the afternoon of September 10, extremely heavy downpour paralyzed the northern city of Jacobabad in Sindh province.

December – Spicy Winter in Lahore!

Lahore under severe fog

Lahore under severe fog

People of the cultural hub of the country were being forced by nature to stay indoors as dry conditions had developed over the country after weeks of dry winter leading an increase of icy winds along with dense fog that has brought the true spirit of winters to Lahore and other cities of Punjab.

Stormy winter rain unleashed in Karachi!

Such nature of rains are common in Islamabad and Lahore but they are a rare guest for the people of Karachi. It was the first major rainfall after 2006, unexpected brief torrential rain with gusty winds that lasted for ten to fifteen minutes before losing its much strength.

After some days, the coast of Balochistan too experienced heavy rainfall, last major rain that occurred there was from Cyclone Phet in 2010.

Interesting and shocking stories of 2012

Amazing stories of 2012

Amazing stories of 2012

You read the amazing weather events that happened in the year 2012 but now take a look at some of the interesting and shocking stories that truly defined the year 2012.

  1.  Mild Earthquake near Karachi again!!!  (Four earthquake in January)
  2. Avalanche in Pakistan – Tragedy at Himalayas! (A really disturbing event that happened in the North)
  3. Are you ready for the longest summer day?
  4. Seraiki myth – Dust storms are possessed by Demons!
  5. Look! Up in the Sky! it’s Supermoon!
  6. Time has come – Go and control the Weather!
  7. Now or Never: Transit of Venus!
  8. This year Karachi’s lucky number is 19! (March 19, April 19, May 19, June 19, July 19 – That sums it all)
  9. Gwadar cries for water – New city becoming a ghost town?
  10. Isaac remembers Katrina after seven years!
  11. Midnight Madness – The Shower that would shine up the sky!
  12. Beauty of Thar – Unsettled weather killing Peacocks in Sindh! (Each passing die, 50 peacocks started dying!)
  13. Cyclones and sea levels are rising but slow!
  14. Search for Truth – West takes the hottest place from East!
  15. Hurricane Sandy: The Legend will live on for years!
  16. Misery of others is a joy for few Pakistanis!
  17. Unknown Electrical Object falls in Dadu from sky!
  18. Seasonal Disorder – Winter is coming!
  19. Doomsday approaching this Friday? – Its a Myth!

Forget the colours of 2012!

In PWP’s article 2011’s astonishing events we prayed and hoped that no disaster would eye our crisis-hit country and it seems as if God did listen to PWP as no major disaster occurred in the country, only isolated events happened. 2012 was one foggy, dusty and hot year, we hope that the new year is not as disastrous as 2011 and 2010’s bizarre events. The year 2012 will always be remembered for its calm weather events therefore we the people of Pakistan pray that 2013 starts peacefully with normal weather patterns and no disaster rock our country as we Pakistanis have suffered enough!

5 thoughts on “2012 – Spectacular weather events in Pakistan!

  1. From Islamabad snow to Karachi’s hot n cold plus stormy winter rain to the cloudbursts of Sialkot and Jacobabad, to the extreme dust storm of Peshawar and the spicy winter of Lahore. From Hurricane Isaac to Sandy to Murjan. From the Avanlenche to the black n white deaths of Peacock, from the transit of Venus to supermoon to doomsday myth, from Karachi’s 19 magic to Gwadar’s ghost to Seraiki’s Jin. 2012 was an amazing year!

  2. Its truly fantastic explanation of weather events in Pakistan, which can not be found anywhere except on PWP..Good Job done Babar Bhai..:)

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