Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) – July 2012 in Review!

Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) published 15 articles in the month of July, while another 6 articles were published (Portal Interactive) by PWP Readers;

  1. Monsoon Daily Updates – For July 2012
  2. Portal Interactive: Dust Cloud is a wall for monsoon moisture
  3. Portal Interactive: 2006 July – 2008 Feb-The most active period in Karachi weather history!
  4. Portal Interactive: Why WSW Clouds not produce heavy rains!
  5. El-Nino comeback: Monsoon collapses, Pakistan going into drought!
  6. London 2012 Olympics: Weather not an issue for now!
  7. Sialkot soaked by mid-night heavy rainfall!
  8. Portal Interactive: Pakistan on the edge of floods and drought in 2012
  9. Pakistan Weather Update & Monsoon Alert (July 24 – July 31)
  10. Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) wishes Ramadan Mubarak!
  11. This year Karachi’s lucky number is 19!
  12. PWP Facebook completes one year!
  13. Pakistan Weather Update & Monsoon Alert (July 17 – July 24)
  14. Japanese and Chinese floods: Different location – same story!
  15. Portal Interactive: Highest 24 hours Precipitation of Pakistan
  16. Gwadar cries for water – New city becoming a ghost town?
  17. Pakistan Weather Update & Monsoon Alert (July 9 – July 16)
  18. Screams of hell were heard by all!
  19. Portal Interactive: How to measure rain?
  20. Monsoon advancing into Pakistan: All stages set!
  21. Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) – June 2012 in Review!

Article of the month

Screams of hell were heard by all!


11 replies to “Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) – July 2012 in Review!

  1. @ K.M, Very Good Work, One question that is there any direct relationship between heavy rains and rising temperature? I mean to say that here in Karachi temperature lower than punjab and that’s why no name of rains whole year and IN Punjab Temperature or Garmi ziada hoti hai shayad is liyay barish ziada hoti hai or It is something else.

    1. Thank you Shoaib 🙂
      High temperatures does not necessarily means rain ‘whole year’. Dubai has high temperature around (47C – 49C in summer) but it has less rain than Karachi! This all is due to the geographical and climatic locations that are dominated by their surrounding winds.

  2. When will you post the new Pakistan weather update article?…… No rain here in lahore with this spell(some isolated shower but not in my area).Can we expect rain in this spell or the next spell?

    1. I would try my utmost to publish it in this week. A 6th spell is developing, it might be better than the previous one as it would be strengthened by the westerlies. However the 5th spell would start to fade away by August 2 morning.

  3. A.A! Sir i read in a article published on yoy website that there are is border or dust clouds on border of Pak/Ind border which donot allow moisture/winds to travel western side…. In august can it remains or weather will change… Will dust cloud end?….

  4. A promising start to august…First heavy rain in lahore(110mm) which was more than whole month of july in which we got 80mm rain.Hopefully upcoming spells would also be strong like this..

  5. are kuch hamare liye bhi pray karo barish ke liye. yahan pe to barish ka abhi tak 1 katra bhi nhe gira. plz pray for rains in sindh plz@

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