Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) – June 2013 in Review!


In the month of June 2013, Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) published a total of 20 articles out of which eight belonged to Portal Interactive:

  1. Monsoon Daily Updates – For June 2013
  2. Pakistan Weather Update & Monsoon Alert (June 28 – July 12)
  3. Lenticular Clouds and the skies of Pakistan! (For tourism purpose)
  4. Burst of clouds causes ‘Himalayan Tsunami’ !
  5. Portal Interactive: Amazing temperature records of Karachi
  6. Portal Interactive: Pre-monsoon pictures from Bahawalpur
  7. Portal Interactive: First Pre-Monsoon pictures at Karachi
  8. Portal Interactive: Rain the month of June
  9. Birmingham drooling over Pak-Indo Match!
  10. Pakistan Weather Update & Monsoon Alert (June 11 – June 25) – Update from June 16!
  11. Portal Interactive: Rings around the Moon!
  12. The infamous blood rain – Sky bleeds as red rain falls!
  13. Monsoon facing the biggest challenge from its own Ocean!
  14. Portal Interactive: List of first Pre-Monsoon rain in south-eastern Sindh
  15. Portal Interactive: A Flash Back Down Memory Lane!
  16. Storm blasts Peshawar – Scores dead in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa!
  17. Look back at Past: Pre-Monsoon rains are just around the corner?
  18. Pakistan Weather Update & Monsoon Alert (June 1 – June 15)
  19. Portal Interactive: Cyclone Phet and pictures of Karachi
  20. Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) – May 2013 in Review!

Article of the Month

  1. The infamous blood rain – Sky bleeds as red rain falls!

20 thoughts on “Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) – June 2013 in Review!

  1. Sir earlier in june you said that pakistan is clear from dust cloud than suddenly dust cloud covered southern pakistan how? And when will this di$$ipate?

    • A dust cloud doesnt stay forever nor leaves forever. It keeps coming and dissipating with varying intenisty.
      Some weakening over southern areas can occur during the end of first week of July though dont think of heavy rains right now.

  2. Well this spell of monsoon was made stronger due to the westerlies. What are your expectations for the next monsoon spell will we see good rains in northern punjab?

  3. sir karachi ka kiya hoga is bare main b bata den plz monsoon proper kab se start hoga karachi main plz is bare main bataen pllllzzzz.

  4. Could you please tell me about monsoon rains in Tharparkar. People sowed the crops in June (early monsoon) and now waiting for rain?

  5. Babar bai I live in Karachi,one thing I noticed is that after 6 o’clock(not exactly) dark clouds appear in the sky but no rain.During day there are mostly white clouds.Why?
    And which clouds bring precipitation?I mean the direction they are coming from.

    • Its common during this time of the year. Mostly these clouds are white but during the evening due to sunset they look grey.
      However there are days in which a real ‘grey’ cloud can form which can bring drizzle/shower.

  6. Hello, You have updated the second monsoon spell in north to high. Does that include North West Punjab as well??
    Thanks for being so patient with these endless questions.

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