Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) – September 2012 in Review!

Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) made a total of 19 articles in the month of September, out of which only six were made by PWP and rest belonged to the followers of PWP;

  1. Indo-Pak Match and Colombo’s weather!
  2. Cyclones and sea levels are rising but slow!
  3. Search for Truth – West takes the hottest place from East!
  4. Monsoon Daily Updates – For September 2012
  5. Portal Interactive: Monsoon review
  6. Portal Interactive: Scary clouds over Mardan
  7. Portal Interactive: Clouds over Punjab!
  8. Portal Interactive: Pictures of Murree, Punjab!
  9. Portal Interactive: Dust cloud retreats to Arabia, leaves Pakistan vulnerable to floods
  10. Portal Interactive: List of Yearly Rainfall of Hyderabad from 1987 to 2011
  11. Portal Interactive: Karachi Rains in September – A look!
  12. Portal Interactive: Some of the intense (50+ mm) rainfall in Lower Sindh in 1994
  13. Portal Interactive: Thunderclouds over Larkana, Sindh
  14. 100 year old record broken in Jacobabad!
  15. Pakistan Weather Update & Monsoon Alert (September 3 – September 17)
  16. Portal Interactive: Lahore in February 2011
  17. Portal Interactive: Dust Cloud and Image!
  18. Portal Interactive: Thunderstorm in Peshawar!
  19. Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) – August 2012 in Review

Article of the month

Search for Truth – West takes the hottest place from East!


4 replies to “Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) – September 2012 in Review!

  1. Assalam o alaikum! and when will western disturbance visit upper punjab ie., Lahore/Gujranwala ? any idea or guess ??


    1. Walikum assalam, Slim some chances during the mid of October or late of this month.. Intensity could be weak..however a very weak western winds persists over extreme northern areas..

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