Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) – August 2012 in Review

In the month of August, Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) made 12 articles while three articles were published by Portal Interactive;

  1. Monsoon Daily Updates – For August 2012
  2. Isaac remembers Katrina after seven years!
  3. Portal Interactive: Pictures of Punjab storm!
  4. Portal Interactive: Wettest Monsoon in Karachi for over 25 year
  5. Pakistan Weather Update & Monsoon Alert (August 20 – September 3) – Updated on August 27!
  6. Wishing Eid Mubarak from Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP)!
  7. Changing colours of Karachi!
  8. Independence day and Monsoon – 65 years back!
  9. Pakistan Independence Day to come with rain?
  10. Midnight Madness – The Shower that would shine up the sky!
  11. Two Earthquakes shake Iran!
  12. Portal Interactive: Pakistan-Arabia stops rain over both Americas!
  13. Pakistan Weather Update & Monsoon Alert (August 5 – August 19)
  14. Beauty of Thar – Unsettled weather killing Peacocks in Sindh!
  15. Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) – July 2012 

Article of the month

Beauty of Thar – Unsettled weather killing Peacocks in Sindh! – Article quoted by the Washington Post and several other websites.


16 thoughts on “Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) – August 2012 in Review

  1. Dear Babar!
    tlast some good news for us Karachites. Looking forward to this upcoming spell. I was checking the BBC forecast and they are quite optimistic about rains in Karachi. Usually they are very accurate with their predictions and this time they are saying heavy rain from thursday to sunday.
    But at the same time ACCUWEATHER is showing the same 8-10 mm of rain at max during the same period.

    What amount of rain do you see pouring in Karachi during this spell? 0-25mm, 26-50 mm. 50-75mm, 75-100 mm or Over 100mm?


  2. Agar ab Karachi mein 100mm barish ho bhe jati hai to bhe yah Islamabad ke muqablay mein kuch bhe nahi. Kaha 1,000MM to 2,000MM Islamabad ki Aur Kaha gareeb Karachi ki 10 to 50mm. Even smallest area of Punjab is nearer to crossing 1,000MM each year. Such kind of discrimination happens each year with Karachi and Sindh specially with Karachi. Shayad ALLAH hum se naraz hai aur yeh shayad hamaray gunaho ki hi saza hai

  3. Kabhe kabhe lagta hai ke ALLAH hum Karachi walo say naraz hogaya hai aur Yeh Hamaray Gunaho ki hi saza hai jo yahan ALLAH ki rehmat nahi barasti hai kabhe

  4. AOA, Babar, Well again some forecast for this week but as of now nothing seems to be getting in right direction. winds clouds etc etc, I hope Karachi will not miss monsoon this year (Let all of us Pray), Just going thru some model runs and some are showing just some mm of rains in karachi what do you say is this low pressure in north arabian sea going to deliever some good rains in the coastal belt.

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