Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) – December 2012 in review!


In the month of December, Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) made a total of nine articles out of which one was of Portal Interactive, following are those articles;

  1. 2012 – Spectacular weather events in Pakistan!
  2. Happy New Year 2013!!
  3. Pakistan Weather Update (December 25 – January 5)
  4. Merry Christmas to everyone from PWP
  5. Punjab shivers – Dense fog and Icy winds spices up winter in Lahore!
  6. Christmas formation: Tropical storm forming in the Arabian sea – Special Coverage
  7. Doomsday approaching this Friday? – Its a Myth!
  8. Stormy winter rains lashes Karachi!
  9. Portal Interactive: Map of Karachi
  10. Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) – November 2012 in Review!

Tropical coverage of December

During the month of December, one article was based on the special tropical coverage.

Article of the month

Because of all the hype this event created especially in December.

Article of the year

PWP cannot decide which should be the article of the year therefore you must help PWP to decide;

Select one of them so that could be the article of 2012!

14 replies to “Pakistan Weather Portal (PWP) – December 2012 in review!

  1. Very cold weather conditions are affecting Lahore for the past few days Temperatures throughout the day remain in single digit barely reaching 10C during afternoon times…Whats the forecast for next few days will these cold conditions ease especially the maximum temperatures during the day which are 10 degrees below normal..

  2. Hello bhai. we havent seen the sun since many days in Gujranwala. When is the sun expected to show its face ???

  3. Thanks bhai.
    unexpected rain here for 10min or so. started at 12:10 am approx and ended at 12:20 am approx. intensity was quite moderate. However there was no such prediction then what was this passing shower ?

  4. What will be the condition of fog tomorrow on motorways from lahore to peshawar? I will be travelling on the motorway from 10am.

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